Online & Virtual Training

It is a strange and unpredictable time at the moment and many of you have chose to self isolate or have to after returning from overseas.

B Active is please to offer virtual and online exercise training programs during this period of isolation. Our online virtual exercise programs help you make the best of this time by improving and maintaining your mental and physical health.

Live online training is a great way to keep active and connected. Now you can exercise from the comfort and safety of your own home but still be in a group.

Exercise from the comfort of your home

Suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Be part of a group dynamic 

Stay physically and mentally healthy

Live Virtual Training

If you want to exercise from the comfort of your home, then our Live Virtual Training is ideal for you! Online classes will be delivered via ZOOM where you will be able to talk to me and I can see and hear you. All training is recorded for later use.

     Interactive – The trainer gives live instructions and feedback.

    3 Workout classes per week

     30 or 45 Minute classes (depending on the style of class)

     Suitable for all levels and ages

      Be part of a group dynamic

    Videos recorded to use later 

$25 per week for 3 sessions

Virtual Class Timetable


Train in your own time

 Access to the Trainerize App with 4 weekly workouts tailored to you (includes demo videos) 

  Demonstration videos to suit all fitness levels

Stay motivated with daily checkins

Record your progress

$25 per week 


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